Only A Novel


This is a blog which was inspired solely by Jane Austen and my reading of her works and letters. No other person, dead or alive, has rekindled my interest in reading as much as Austen has. Yes, I consider myself illiterate in one sense of the word, and it was only through reading Austen—at an age later than most would have read Pride and Prejudice—that I found myself vowing to strive for literacy, to take reading seriously, so to speak. Considering that she lived 200 years before me, I find that extremely amazing.

And so I created this blog with the intent that it would chronicle my progress in this goal of striving to be literate, the ups and downs in this pursuit, whether or not I’m succeeding. Of course, it is inevitable that this blog will also be about Jane Austen, her works, her life—so expect quite frequent and mostly sappy posts on those topics. She was, after all, who inspired me to read again.

The pen and wash portrait of Jane Austen by her sister, Cassandra, that is posted on the sidebar was obtained from The Jane Austen Information Page.


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